moscow mule cocktail MONIN

Moscow Mule: back in from the cold!

The honor drink at the Tales of Cocktail 2016, the Moscow Mule has resurfaced to become a global success. Lisa Ash, our USA Beverage Innovation Director, explains why...

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moscow mule cocktail MONIN
moscow mule cocktail MONIN

Oprah Winfrey kick-starts the Mule revival…

Originally created in 1941 by Martin and Morgan, Moscow Mule is made with vodka, lime juice and ginger beer and served in copper mugs, which really caught on at the time.

Despite its popularity waning during the Cold War, this cocktail is now firmly back in from the cold since Oprah Winfrey named it her favourite drink and kick-started a Mule revival!

Does the Mule have the international staying power the industry has been looking for?

We’re seeing an upsurge in global popularity because it‘s simple, refreshing, and easy to make. Ginger is a widely accepted flavour and the standout mug serve appeals to everyone.

One of its most attractive attributes is its versatility: you can make it seasonal, turn it into a regional specialty using local fruits, create tequila, gin and bourbon versions or prepare with house-made bitters so it’s a unique cocktail to your business!

To inspire you, discover my Moscow Mule recipe:

Mix Le Fruit de MONIN Yuzu, vodka and lime juice in a Moscow mule tin. Fill with crushed ice. Top with ginger ale and serve.

You can garnish with fresh fruits like ginger, kumquat and pineapple pieces that can also be muddled in the glass.

You can replace Le Fruit de MONIN Yuzu with MONIN Ginger, Honey, Cucumber, Agave, Falernum, or Tarragon syrup.