MONIN Banana liqueur

MONIN Banana liqueur ambiant

The banana is the most well-known, and popular tropical fruit. Its white aromatic pulp is enjoyed all around the world. Many of us enjoy bananas as a snack throughout the day. For unmatched versatility, MONIN Yellow Banana liqueur is a delicious option to put a little touch of banana taste in countless beverages.

Clear bright yellow gold.

Tasting notes
Candy banana nose. Ripe banana taste almost cooked with caramelised notes. Very long lasting taste.

Beverage Innovation Directirs tips
With its velvety taste, MONiN Banana liqueur will give roundness to any of your favourite preparations. Any spirit will fit it, but i truly love it with dark spirits. MONiN Banana liqueur has many uses, from classic Banana. Bliss with dark rum to a creamy latte. Let’s play around.


  • Cocktails
  • Coffees
  • After Dinner drinks

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