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Developed to make the non-alcoholic version of classic tequila based drinks, MONIN Tequila syrup bottles the taste of Mexico!

Tequila is a distilled spirit based on the blue agave plant, originating from the city of Tequila in Mexico.  The name ‘tequila’ is protected so that it can only be produced in Mexico.

A classic cocktail ingredient, tequila is the base for the famous Tequila Sunrise and traditional Margarita and is popularly consumed as a shot.

Create amazing virgin versions of classic cocktails, smoothies and after-dinner drinks with the distinctive refreshing flavour and smoky aftertaste of MONIN Tequila – the taste of Mexico.

Clear with golden glints.

Tasting notes
Smoky nose with lemon and light malt notes. Alcoholic feel of tequila, with very refreshing tasting notes, and a smoky after-taste.

Follow the link to see how to make a the virgin version of the classic tequila sunrise !

Beverage Innovation Directors tips
Thanks to MONIN Tequila Flavour syrup you will be able to realize some amazing virgin tequila cocktails like margaritas, or tequila sunrises and fizzes. But my personal recommendation, for those who want to get into mixology, will be to create a smoky flavoured foam by shaking together lime juice, one egg white and MONIN Tequila Flavour syrup. To decorate your margarita or even your daiquiri, it is fantastic !


  • Smoothies
  • After-dinner drinks
  • Cocktails

Product only available in EMEIA please contact your local distributor.

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