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Blue Blazer with MONIN

Impress your guests with the classic Blue Blazer... in a safe environment !

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Take two heat resistant mugs.
Pour your ingredients into one mug and heat them with the steamer of your coffee machine Put fire carefully to the mix. Hold this mug in your right hand.
Start to poor the mix gently in another jug that you are holding in your left hand.
Lift your right hand while you are still pouring. Make sure you are pouring in the middle of the jug.
When your right hand jug is high and empty, do it the other way round. Repeat 4 times. Pour the cocktail in a glass garnish with a cherry and an orange twist.
If you are not used to doing this cocktail please place a tray full of water underneath your jugs.

You  can also mix others flavours like Bourbon, dark rum or brandy with MONIN Orange Curaçao, Cherry or Apricot liqueurs / vodka or gin with MONIN Blackberry, Cherry or Coffee liqueur.

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