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Dessert flavours

Reproduce your favourite desserts in a gourmet beverage!

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MONIN has recreated the exquisite taste of these desserts to enable you to create indulgent dessert drinks!

Realize the most mouth-watering dessert drinks and extend your drink offer to the world of delicacies!

Bring a French touch to your menu with a scrumptious Macaroon or Crème Brûlée drink.
Try the Chocolate Cookie syrup to flavour your cocktail with the most famous biscuit.
You can also choose to bring a sweet caramelized apple taste to treat your guest.
Or bring a delicious creamy dessert twist to your drink with the Black Forest or Tiramisu syrups.

Choose your favourite dessert and discover the recipe we chose for you :

Short tip: use the real dessert as a side, or blended in a frozen drink.

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