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Easy-to-make stencil coffee decoration

Create a nice coffee decoration in the blink of an eye!

MONIN created a stencil that allows you to decorate your coffee in a few minutes. Here are a few tips to create a perfect drawing:

  1. Always use fine cocoa powder without sugar. Sugar destroys the milk and pattern.
  2. Use a fine strain cocoa powder sprinkler. If it is too big, the pattern will be rocky.
  3. Fill up the glass or cup with the right amount of liquid (approx. 3mm below the rim).
  4. Place the stencil on top of the glass or cup (try to place it on the centre). Put the stencil against the cup during the process (to avoid shaky hands problems).
  5. Sprinkle the cocoa powder not too close to the stencil (approximately 10 cm above the stencil). If you are too close, the shapes and letters will be blurred.
  6. Make sure to cover the whole design with powder.
  7. Remove the stencil and enjoy final result!

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