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How to make a perfect Tiki Drink

Summer is coming! The sun is warming up and we wish we could escape to the white sand beaches…

Raphaël Duron, our Beverage Innovation Manager in France gives you his tips for a perfect Tiki drink to get you in the mood!

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- First of all, rum is the star of that cocktail category: whether it is white, dark, spiced, light or strong, it is the essential ingredient of a Tiki. It matches marvelously with fruity flavours, especially exotic fruits. Feeling creative? You can even mix different rums together!

- To give a tart flavour, fresh citrus juices are very welcome: lemon, lime, orange, kumquat, combawa … They bring freshness and lightness your cocktails.

- Fruit juices balance the rum strength and add body to your drink. The best choice? Exotic fruits: pineapple, passion fruit, orange, mango, guava, coconut. 40 ml to 80 ml of juice, depending how strong you like your Tiki.

- For more originality and ultimate taste, add 15 to 20 ml of your favourite MONIN syrup or fruit cocktail and smoothie mix: fruity and spicy flavours make your cocktail unique. Don’t forget MONIN Falernum syrup, the ultimate ingredient for your Tiki cocktail!

- Last but not least, choose a beautiful Tiki glass representing a Polynesian divinity or pour your cocktail in a coconut or in a hollowed out pineapple! Don’t forget to add to your drink a fancy garnish made of exotic fruits, fresh herbs and spices.

Extra tip: aromatic bitters are a good way to bring complexity and depth to the drink with just a few dashes.

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